You’re either in or you’re out

Some people love casseroles, some, decidedly don’t. I land squarely in the former. Witness what I just ate heartily in a rv park outside of Troy, Alabama:


Truth be known, had I not tweaked this from the instructions on the Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Mac Pasta Packet, I’d likely be singing a different tune. I mean, who adds raw onion and green pepper to a mac dish that only cooks for 10 minutes?

Sure, it makes it a 2 pan dish, but let’s face it, totally worth it. And who doesn’t add mushrooms and a white wine and butter to up the flavor?  Pepper generously and dust with salt.

It’s better than I remember. Sig ate Grape Nuts.

PS: Yes, it is snowing on my blog. It’s December, after all.

4 thoughts on “You’re either in or you’re out

  1. My youngest daughter sweats onions, green peppers, even mushrooms in the microwave before she adds them to dishes that cook quickly. Works very well and is one of those ideas I wish I’d thought of on my own. I think that casserole sounds wonderful– Katie

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