I don’t know Florida

But I do know this:

I’m going where the sun keeps shining
Thru the pouring rain,
Going where the weather suits my clothes.
Backing off of the North East breeze
Sailing on a summer breeze
And skipping over the ocean like a stone.

I love this Nilsson song. And when I hear it, I see Dustin Hoffman slumped in his seat on a Greyhound bus with Jon Voight fussing over him because he really wants to believe their lives are just beginning instead of ending.

I mean, it is so grand and so tragic. But apart from all that, really doesn’t it make such good sense to go to a place where the weather suits your clothes?


We’re here.

5 thoughts on “I don’t know Florida

  1. WOW! Have a great time.The last time I was in Florida was in 1945 when my Dad was stationed there after returning from combat photography in the Pacific.


  2. Glad you’re back, Stevie. Several below zero days here in North Iowa. Can’t imagine what wooly clothing would match this weather. Merry Christmas to you both! Katie

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