Mistaken Identity

Pumpkin Master

I have a huge pumpkin head that looks like Tim, my mailman. I don’t know if Tim thinks he looks like the pumpkin. It’s kind of a hard conversation to drift into.

Hey, Tim how are ya? Yeah. Good, glad to hear it.

I’ve been thinkin’ – do you think you look like that pumpkin sitting on the ledge there?

Really? Hmm. I think you’re a dead ringer.

But I hear what you’re sayin’. The hairline is really not even close. Oh and I guess the cheeks are a little puffier than yours, and the eyes a little glazed. Ok, you’ve made your point, Tim. Just step away from the pumpkin. Forget  I mentioned it.

This pumpkin is the brain child of Ray Villafane, an educator and artist, who has taken pumpkin-carving to a Spectacular art. He also does sand-sculpture and toys. Check out his pumpkin photo gallery before you start your own, maybe you can capture your mail-man. 

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