Now these r yr shadow puppets

Image from Wikipedia

Tim Noble and Sue Webster are British artists who have taken the childhood pastime of shadow puppets to a whole different place.

They like to pile up trash in mysterious ways (to me) and spotlight it to cast shadows on the wall they use as their canvas.

What is extraordinary (to me) is that the shadow images actually look like the artists themselves. I can’t help but stare at the trash and back again to the projected image in a vain effort to figure it out.

In fact I almost miss the pretty loud statements on consumerism and a society in decay, oh and the ephemeral joy of the artistic expression ’cause I’m so involved with how-did-they-do-it?  I’m also pretty sure that I’ll stick to a rabbit or the occasional barking dog.  If you want more, go to Environmental Graffiti.

Dirty White Trash with Gulls, 1998 (Photo pashasha)
Dark Stuff, 2008 (Photo Jose LuisRDA)

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