Ok, “I was blinded by the light. Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night,”  when I happened upon Shwood which is Oh, So Oregonian.

It didn’t take long for me to buy these polarized brown sunglasses made out of zebrawood. They were advertised in ReadyMade, a magazine with so much verve and enthusiasm you can’t help but be happy that you have the chance to read it especially if you aren’t driven to do any of their DIY projects.

The glasses are called Neskowin as if they need a history and a name before they go out into the world. As it happens, Neskowin is a sweet little beach town with a restaurant, general store and two golf courses on Highway 101.

I used to go there with friends from St Francis High School in Eugene. We’d spend our time collecting beer bottles on the beach and then stage the cottages as if there had been wild parties three days straight. Whoever-the-adults-in-charge, took pictures of the whole group sprawled around the room.

It was the days of no harm done.

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