It’s Interesting

Here’s the deal, this watch-like thing gives the date, time and — a coach and  monitor that records the intensity of your physical activity. Unlike a pedometer, the S2H Replay (could they think of a Better name?) calculates activities such as running, dancing and sports.

There is an unusual tie-in that makes this whole thing much more interesting than you’d think at the outset.

The S2H Replay costs $19.95  plus shipping and handling. But once you’ve bought one and started using it, you can accumulate points from doing your favorite activities for an hour and cash them in for rewards from merchandisers including Target and K-Mart.  Every 60 minutes, reset the device and earn some more.

Pretty painless. Ignore the blatant external rewards hook for a minute, and buy a bunch for your sedentary friends and family. (Though if I were you, I’d be ready for a backlash or two.)

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