Singing in the Rain

It is a dreary rainy morning. Good for plants but not for planting. I am looking at this as a sign to shop for rain gear. First on my list is this heart-shaped umbrella (about $30) from Umbrella Heaven; (I like that the London weather forecast is right up front on their home page.)

It does come in red but I think the black has a lot more panache.

Then some boots. These are black rubber cowboy boots that are mid-calf with a 1 1/2″ heel. They are at and will run me $35.99.

Faux alligator, I suspect.

I do have a raincoat in the closet but it is a little heavy for a light rain. I like this one from an Etsy shop in Santa Barbara. It’s only $35.00 and has lots of pockets.

A rain coat has to be yellow.

Okay, the final gotta have. It’s from Shopstyle and wouldn’t you know it, costs more than anything else — $50. But that’s just the thing with gotta haves.

Of course, I can wear it with a lot of things.

5 thoughts on “Singing in the Rain

  1. Ha, I just ordered the boots and umbrella! Did I beat you to it? 🙂 Nice shopping sites. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Loved it, Stevie! Makes me think of my long ago trip to DC . Every single person had a black umbrella. Made me want to have an umbrella with flowers, or better yet – Jaywhawks – on it. Well, we have to go with what is appropriate, don’t we? They all had mostly black clothes on, too. Why is that so an East Coast look? We’re lucky to be midwesterners I’d say!

    your friend, Katie

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