Blue Colon

I see a poster in the elevator going to my doctor’s office encouraging everyone to wear blue for Colon Awareness Day. I ask the doctor whether she is planning to wear blue on Friday. She glances up from my chart with a puzzled look.

“What for?”

“Colon awareness day,” I said, as if I had celebrated it for decades. “Looks as if the whole building is going to take part.”

“Why blue? What kind of sense does that make? I can see red for heart. If they are going to do colon, why don’t they choose brown, that I can see.”

I tell her she needs to sign up for next year’s committee.  She doesn’t bother to reply.

One thought on “Blue Colon

  1. Well, Stevie, your doctor is too busy and she is on target about the color, don’t you think? God save us all from colon cancer, whatever color the ribbon is.

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