Read ‘Em

I am not personally fond of bumper stickers. I prefer a one on one exchange rather than a drive-by introduction. But admittedly I may be in the minority since on some days it’s possible to read my way through every intersection.

Timely notice.

Even though I limit myself to a decal from the art museum, I do admire the reckless pluckiness of these slogan lovers.

They are proud of their political views and typically rock solid in their religious beliefs. They revel in their labels: a parent of an honor student, a grandmother of a shih tzu or a cheerful retiree. They mutely rant, rave and rally around good works and obscure causes.

Many strive to entertain, a legion of sit-down comedians passing along one liners:

Boldly Going Nowhere.
I have the body of a God…Buddha.
What is a free gift? Aren’t all gifts free?
Forget World Peace. Visualize using your turn signal.

I saw one of the best bumper sticker matches today. It was a gleaming new model BMW luxury convertible. The slogan? DRIVEN.

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