This morning is like any other. Coffee, the paper, and e-mail check. Uncharacteristically,  a pop-up labeled, Win 7 Anti Spyware 2011, announces officiously that my computer is under attack from unknown sources.

When I click it closed, another pops up saying HIGH ALERT: System in Danger and offers two choices: “Yes, take care of the problem” or “No, do not stop the assault.” What the hell,  I think. You’re not My system security and firmly click close.

The messages start popping up like pop corn, every 2 minutes or so. Well, my computer security system must not be on the J.O.B. I open it and order a complete scan. When the Win 7 message keeps right on coming, I think I know I am grappling with a VIRUS.

That is how I meet Pangea. He lives in New Delhi and works at my computer security’s headquarters in India.  He speaks English with a sing-song Indian accent. He carefully enunciates and I listen carefully.

He tells me he needs to control my computer and in a few clicks he is running the mouse. I watch him as he looks for errors and stuff, and deletes and adds things in obscure corners. He wants to explain what he’s doing; I want to wash my hair before I leave for a lunch date.

Finally, he is done. He gives me instructions about computer hygiene starting now. I take a few notes. I say thanks, great talking to you, good-bye.

He says he’s coming to the States, to Florida.

“Oh, good, nice place.” He says, “You have a young voice.”

“Hmm, thanks.” All and all it was a great way to start the day.

One thought on “Pangea

  1. Oh, Stevie, you had a better interface with the Dell computer guy than I did. Mine went on much longer. So polite and polished, those guys – aren’t they?

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