Public Service Announcement

Road trip snacks clearly fall into 2 separate and distinct categories. There are “Fast Gobble” and “Slow Gobble” snacks.

It is a delicate balance to have sufficient supply of both: too much of the former, and you can hardly drag yourself out of the car into the truck stop for an open face roast beef sandwich. On the other hand, if you have an abundance of the latter, you may find yourself thrusting them on your hostess and eating them every day for the rest of your vacation.

Here is a chart that illustrates these truths. Feel free to adjust it to your own family and circumstances. Ennnnjoy.

      Fast Gobble                              Versus                    Slow Gobble 

  1. Chocolate Covered Cherries                        Wintergreen Life Savers
  2. Potato Chips                                                   Pretzels
  3. Cheez-its                                                         Chex Mix
  4. Bubble Gum                                                    Classic Dentyne Gum
  5. Bing Cherries                                                  Apples
  6. Chocolate Chip Cookies                                 Animal Crackers

2 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. More –
    Fast Gobble Versus Slow Gobble

    peanuts in a can (honey coated) sun flower seeds (need a cup to spit in )
    Apple orange
    cold water coffee
    m and m’s milk duds
    chunks of cheese thin sliced cheese with ham
    left over candy canes tootsie roll sucker
    pop corn (few bites) pop corn (the whole bag 60 mi later)
    yogurt raisins just plain raisins
    can of pop can of pop that froze in your trunk
    warm cookie cold cookie
    piece of toast bagel with cream cheese
    beef jerky very spicey beef jerky
    (Now I’m hungry)

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