Let’s Make a Deal

I ask you, why is it such a flat-out ordeal to get out-of-town on vacation? Even though, I have always known in advance of a major trip that includes me, with very few exceptions I find I’m way under prepared. So negotiating a reasonable departure time is extremely critical.

“Well, are you up for getting up and getting out of here at a decent hour tomorrow.  We’ve got a long drive ahead of us, you know.”

It isn’t exactly like we’re Lewis and Clark, but yes, Kansas does not border Texas. But cagey wins the race.

“What time do you want to leave??”

“I think we should leave ’bout 8:30?”

Ludicrous, I think. Might as well just stay up all night.

“That’s a bit early, doncha think? I’m thinking more like 10:30.”

“Oh, c’mon, 10:30! Do you know what time that will put us in to the motel tomorrow night?  We should be looking at leaving no later than 9.”

Well, jeeze it isn’t like someone at La Quinta expects us for cocktails.

“Okay, I know you want to get on the road, I think I can get all the last-minute things done so that we can leave at 10 sharp.”

The counter offer was 9:30. I said 9:45 and we had a deal. We pulled out the next morning at 10:39. Neither of us mentioned our earlier conversation. Come to think of it, we never do.

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