Gift Idea

Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you have a stack of photos sitting around that you have not shared with everyone — use them to make a book. There are quite a few choices of places to design books. I have made several using Blurb. It is so easy, you’ll absolutely knock yourself out with the result.

The book-making software is free. It takes minutes to download and you are ready to upload your photos. Finished books vary in cost depending upon size, number of pages and cover style — but a book that is 20-40 pages in length with a hard-cover starts at 22.95. Chump change!

Hustle if you are going to get it produced and shipped in time for VD. But if you can’t make that date, you can always dream up a reason for gift-giving.  Here are a some ideas to do without even leaving the house. 

Food for Thought – Make a favorite dessert or spinach dip or your world-famous chex cereal snack mix. Photograph each step of the way. Use the recipe for text. 

Feeeelins – Have someone take photos of you expressing different moods. Throw in some favorite quotes or memories.  

Sound of Music – Use the words to a favorite song as text. Illustrate it with photos of common household objects related more or less to the words of the song.

At Home With Pablo (or Frisky or Oscar, or whatever) – Use all of those pet photos. Or record a day by taking pictures from his/her eye level. Dorky? Of course — but pet owners are wacky about them. If available, substitute a small child for equal wattage.

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