Yesterday I was sitting around thinking my day could have more meaning, more umph, more something. It was a state brought on by a multiplicity of circumstances: because there are still over 50 days to go til spring, because the Christmas tree is still sitting on the front porch, because my To Do List is seriously flat and boring. 

Lately when I turn on the computer, it does not automatically connect to the internet. I have to fool it into thinking it is a brand new day by turning the power completing off, wait 20 seconds and turn it back on. Only then does it agree to show up for work. This is not an attractive characteristic of an office partner.  

But there I was, checking e-mail.

I learned that I had qualified for 50% off chocolate dipped strawberries, someone was holding a mystery shopper assignment for me and One King’s Lane was having a sale on valentines. I had notices about new grants, an invitation to a gallery opening and a request to view my investments.  

The To Do List could wait. I was back in the game.

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