State dinner for who?

In case you missed it, the Obamas were entertaining Wednesday night. I am sure they are entertaining most days of the week but the other night they were putting on the dog for no other than Hu Jintao the President of China.

Well “putting on the dog” is utterly the wrong choice of words, really the menu was so quintessentially American. It included fresh vegetables, poached lobster, dry-aged rib-eye, buttermilk crisp onions and apple pie with ice cream. Sure enough didn’t that replicate a week night dinner party I had just a couple of weeks past?

A number of Chinese Americans made the guest list, Yo Yo Ma’s wife, a violinist, was on his arm, Michele Kwan skated past the entry without a pause and Jackie Chan showed up in a great looking tux. Vera Wang was there in Vera Wang, of course, along with Anna Wintour, Vogue, Barbra Streisand, the singer who did Peeeepull,  Peeeepull who need Peeeepulll, and the Kissingers, yeah they do look a little grey but Nancy is still nice and tall and Henry is short. 

But my  gosh, what really surprised me is that the tables were 12 tops. I mean 10 at a table is pushing it, 12? Isn’t it simply all-elbows and jaw to jaw? I really must tell Michele where to pick up some more tables — I know she’d appreciate the tip.

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