Winter Life-Savor

Thinking of the double feature at the Boulevard Drive-In can occasionally get me through a really bad winter in Kansas. I can picture myself with my husband lined up to buy tickets.

It's been a very warm and sunny day but promises to cool off for a perfect summer evening.

He drives in slowly through the middle rows to find the perfect spot which is never the first spot or the closest spot. The best ones are not too far from the bathroom but not too close either.

He avoids pick-ups that threaten the view and steers away from vans whose passengers spill out to set up up portable barbeque grills and folding chairs.

When he has eliminated all but 2 or 3 spots, he picks one and tests the speaker before he jockeys the car into the very best viewing position. Then he goes to the concession stand. He comes back with cokes and huge containers of slightly stale, perfectly done movie popcorn.

I adjust the speaker inside the back window and turn the volume so that we can both hear it. We lean back, adjust our pillows and enjoy the show.

Two hours later we wake up and drive home. We hardly ever stay for the second feature, lucky for us — it's usually a dog.

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