Classic Corn

It  may be hard to believe but it’s awful hard to get a good photograph of the Corn Palace. 

Even at 9:30 Sunday morning hordes of tourists congregate on the surrounding sidewalks — gawking at the building and squawking at kids who, lemme tell you — are really not all that interested in this building or probably any other building in Mitchell, South Dakota. 

For over 100 years, people of Mitchell have believed that decorating a building in the middle of town with indian corn, grains, husks, grasses, and other agrarian waste will entice travelers to stop, marvel, buy a coke’nsnack and pick up a souvenir.  

Every year they dream up a new theme, tear off last year’s murals and complete new ones, ear by ear.  And a half million people stop by. 

The current Corn Palace is the third actual palace. And it was built not only to celebrate the harvest but serve as a multi-purpose center for dances, concerts, games and banquets. Rates — all day $1250 without alcohol, $1500 with alcohol. 

Looking for next year’s stocking stuffer? Set yourself apart with Carmel Cobs, soft and chewy caramelcorn shaped like a good-sized corn on the cob. Buy them on-line from the Corn-cession gift shop. A case of 18 is only $39.99. 

This is American commerce at the top of its game.

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