Good Vibrations

I was reaching over the washing machine when I saw a very agitated cricket trying to make his way to safety. He was bedraggled but very much alive. He had already grappled,  floated and banged his way upward in the now nearly full tub.

It was one of the moments when the choices are clear, thumbs up or thumbs down. I reached in with the cup I use to add soap and scooped him up. It took a couple of trys as he was reluctant to trade a bad situation for maybe a much worst one. 

I got him on the third swoop. And when I turned the cup over the sink; he flipped out and somersaulted onto the rim.

He sat there motionless with what seemed like a great sense of relief.  After I thought he had enough time gather his thoughts and count his blessings, I helped him outside to find his friends and family.

The very next day I got a letter declaring itself a Legal Notice from Volkswagen.  An official looking letter informed me that a clogged drain in the sunroof might be causing “water to enter the passenger compartment.” They would be happy to pay for any and all repairs.

Just that week, my front floor mats had been soaked after a really heavy rain. I had not left the windows open, or had my sun roof cracked and I hadn’t seen anywhere where water could have come in. I just thought someone had spilled a water bottle on the floor mat and didn’t notice when it happened. 

Who says a grateful cricket doesn’t have a huge sense of humor?

2 thoughts on “Good Vibrations

  1. I got the same letter from VW, didn’t take it too seriously, probrably should of as I definitely haven’t been too kind to many critters lately.

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