Good Ju Ju

Around here the first weekends of the month are when the flea markets open up. Good Ju Ju is down off 12th street in the KC bottoms,  where cattle used to come on their way to dinner, so to speak. What’s left in the area are a couple of good restaurants, warehouses, and Kemper Arena, home of the American Royal — a big deal horse and livestock show.

A number of the warehouses come alive around Halloween with names such as Chamber of Horrors and Macabre House. But once a month the perennially crafty recyclers who run Good Ju Ju pull some of their best stuff outside, pouf out their vintage aprons and turn on the music.

Today I bought square orange bake-lite clip earrings and a paper mache reindeer bucket annnd a tall metal lifeguard chair. I drug the chair out to the back yard close enough to the bird bath where it can welcome the opening of the pool season. I noticed a couple of upcoming trends: paint old furniture bright primary colors, rub them while wet so that the a little bit of the finish shows through and drape lamp shade skeletons with net petticoats.  Doncha just love commerce?

One thought on “Good Ju Ju

  1. Geeze..I don’t think I’ve gone there with you yet..are you holding back??! So I’m thinking you need to extend this into another back yard project and plant some honeysuckle close by so it will vine up around the chair and then you’ll have the birds and the bees!!!

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