Instant Schmaltz

Want to instantly age a photo? Here is a picture I took of an rest stop on a road trip through Kansas a couple of years back. (I plan to blow it up and hang it in a bathroom. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.) I ran across Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator in my net wandering. Check out what happens when I upload this to their site.  

Here’s the same photo, transformed. So you might ask, why would you want to do that?  But then, if you are asking — you probably don’t take pictures unless you are at the Great Wall of China or it’s your dog’s birthday.  Personally I think it is useful if you were chosen to do the power point for your friend’s parents’ 5oth anniversary and all you have to work with are current pictures of their first house, for instance. Think about it.

Post script: Kansas is one of those places where men are men and women are ladies. It’s like that in Texas too, I noticed.

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