Ramped Up Hamburgers

I took a regular old pound of hamburger, tho used the 94% lean kind (and actually it was a little bit less than a pound), and added a 1/4 of a cup of each of: shredded carrots, chopped up scallions, tomato sauce and egg substitute.  Threw in a couple of TB of parsley. Yeah, it was kinda like making a meatloaf without any seasoning to speak of.  So, then you make 4 patties and saute in a pam sprayed pan for ten minutes turning once. 

The whole process was so easy cheesy I could easily watch the elimination of two boys and two girls from the American Idol countdown.

Would I do it again? Yes, the hamburgers were juicy, big and filling — all the adjectives you want and need on Thursday night must see tv. (But unless you are a real purist, you should add a little salt and pepper to the mix.)

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