Ode to K. Wood

IMG_4579Kathy Wood died March 6, 2013; I am pretty sure this is how that day played out.  

She chooses a cold sunny day in March for her first day in the hereafter. To absolutely no one’s surprise, she gets there before the coffee maker has kicked into service.

When she walks into her new digs she can’t keep from gawking at the truly spectacular view of the universe. She sits down on the couch, and stretches out her legs.  Leaning back, she closes her eyes and sighs. Good god, she thinks, what in the world am I supposed to do now? She sits there motionless for a few minutes, her eyes barely open. All of a sudden her head jerks upright, and she is on her feet in front of the French doors.

She opens the doors and unaccountably swoops gracefully into space.

She tilts way over to the left almost flipping over. But she sticks out her right hand and rights herself.  She glides to the left, then to the right and then straight up into the stars. She twirls and swoops and flips over in a huge spiraling somersault. She then tucks her legs underneath her and drifts downward.

OMG, I think I can visit anyone, anywhere, anytime I want. Ohhhh, thanks, God. That’s a really good thing you have got going up here. 

Her leg catches the door, she stops and steps into the house. She walks into the kitchen and opens drawers and cabinets all the while taking a quick and practiced inventory. She moves the kitchen table into the center of the room. She takes out her phone and speed dials.

Hello, God. This is Kathy.

Yes, it’s very nice to talk to you too.

Yes, well yes –everything is fine here. I’m lovin’ the view.

I was just wondering if I could get some baking soda, flour and a dozen eggs?

Oh, that’s great. Sounds like a good procedure. Thanks.

What did you say? Well, tell me  —- who else is on the committee?

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