Hello Twenty-Thirteen

We have a new cat named Stell–laaa. We thought she was a young cat but it turned out she’s a 7 year old used to making it on her own. Since she’s moved in she’s filled out to match her over-sized paws. I have to say, fattening a stray is a quick fix for leaving a mark.

I skipped the resolution exercise this year and went straight to the finish line. I’m pretty convinced that I’m as good as I’m gonna get and why not celebrate early and often?

I uploaded pictures to Picasa and made mediocre shots look like Avedon’s portraits. I sent an e-mail to someone I hadn’t connected with in years, bought some gold monogrammed stationary and rented a cabin in Minnesota for July. I made Stuffed Shells from the Pioneer Woman’s web site tonight even though it took an hour and a half and serves 8.

Oh sure, I have some complaints. Like the papery layers on onions and garlic, and cleaning the insides of trash cans, and stains on a silk blouse but all and all — it’s nice to sleep in, have dinner with friends and have my car start on a cold day.

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night.


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