Out of the closet

I took a running start at the new year by cleaning out my clothes closet. Truth be known I couldn’t stuff one more thing in there without everything tumbling all over itself in a limp  attempt to escape.

At the end of the day, I have hauled 5 garbage sacks full of stuff to the Salvation Army thrift store. Somehow resisting the urge to check out their racks, I hurry home to stand inside my clutter-free space and bask in self-righteous smugness.

Oh yeah, sure. I know the drill. Set up three piles – one to throw away, one to give away and one to put back. Be ruthless. Keep it only if it makes me feel and look good. Closet real estate is much too precious to waste on old news. Like I’m sure Oprah must say, Embrace the now or is it, Embrace you in the now?RED-BOWLER-$160

For the most part, the overall impression in my closet is muted, neutral and well-mannered. That is, all except for a short black leather skirt, a silky rosy-scarlet tailored blouse and a red felt bowler trimmed in black.

8 thoughts on “Out of the closet

  1. Closet maintenance is always a chore!! Yahooo for the accomplishment! Know that black skirt!! I have a short purple suede one!! I might cover a book with the material!!

  2. This will be my winter entertainment! I have a huge triple sized closet with 3 different sizes of clothes. I already cut it in half once – now I have to get serious about the real contents of that space. Besides clothes, there is a whole collection of items never used. On my To Do list: Claiming some new real estate in this house this winter.

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