Show and Tell

I found a powerful little book called Heart to Heart (2001) on a sale rack at my favorite salvage store.  Forty some poets agreed to pick a piece of art done by a 20th century American artist and write a poem sparked by what they saw and felt.  Editor Jan Greenberg came up with the title because the poems reminded her of “valentines sent from one heart to another.”

Deborah Pope chose Bananas and Grapefruit by Roy Lichtenstein. And take a look at the fun she had. (Both are worth a longer look, click it out.)

plump slump
slug plugBananas and Grapefruit
broke yolk
sealed in
unpeeled skin
gold fold
fruit suit
sluice of juices
squeezy teases
swelling lemon
tipped ship
nape shape
goo canoe
peel deal
rind grind
rough slough

slick lick
slow flow
squirt shirt


sweet part


PS: I already checked for you. There are a few copies on Amazon.

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