Potluck Gold

Food For My Family is a blog full of recipes, clear step by step instructions and the kind of photography that makes you think you could be a much better cook if you just got in there and rustled around a bit more.

Here is something to take to your next family barbecue. It’s Watermelon Lime Sorbet actually frozen in a scooped out melon rind (chocolate chip seeds) and sliced into wedges.

“Oh, this?” You say modestly to Aunt Phyllis who never fails to snark about the plastic domed food trays from Costco that you usually tote in.

“It’s just sooo hot, I thought we needed to have something sweet ‘n cool.” Truth be known, you’re thinking. Shut the front door! Winner, winner – chicken dinner!

“Oh, no, Phyllis. Actually, it’s easy.  I make a  simple syrup, chop up some watermelon and add lime. The recipe is from a great online food blog.”

“No, Phyllis, not a bog, a blog. It’s B.L.O.G. I’ll show it to you later. Here, have a slice.”

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