Bit O’ News

I read a snippet in the paper under Weird News that 6 strippers were awarded $195,000 in a lawsuit in Florida after claiming 4 of them were unlawfully strip-searched by police at a raid at the Biggins Gentlemen’s Club where they worked — as strippers.

I snickered at the irony, finished reading the rest of the paper and threw the whole thing in recycling.

Much later, I fished out the paper to check out the “Thirty Minute Recipes” for dinner inspiration and ran across the stripper story. Hmm, I thought — Why can’t strippers object to an unlawful strip search? And what is so G.D. funny about that? And another thing, Biggins Gentleman’s Club? Pul–leeze. 

So, what’s my take-away? Pay attention, it’s the price of admission to the human race.

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