My Wish List

If I was forced to talk about the down side of picking up a coffee grande, I’d say the coffee is too hot to drink right away — but then it turns cold waay too fast. I haven’t yet found a coffee mug that keeps coffee at that sweet spot of hot.

With Coffee Joulies, every mug is a keeper. The brainstorm of two coffee drinking guys both named Dave, Coffee Joulies are stainless steel coated pods filled with a material that cools down hot liquid faster than normal. And then,  — uses the stored energy to keep the liquid at just the right drinking temperature.

Joulies are about half the size of a chicken egg and 1 works well with 5 oz. The largest coffee size will take 5 or — about 15% of your coffee real estate.  It’s an easy trade-off for me to have a coffee good to the last drop.

Right now, the two Daves are in a Oneida manufacturing plant somewhere gearing up production for the 8,000 preorders they’ve tallied up. Give ’em your e-mail and you’ll find out when you can buy your own.

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