Big O Count-Down

If you want, with a few clicks of your mouse, you can sign your name to a big farewell card being assembled by AOL to mark the end of Oprah Winfrey’s 25 year talk show run.

Image from Media Outrage.

Well, gee. What’s going on?

Is it the threat of a random debilitating disease? Is it an emerging cause that demands 100 per cent of her passion and energy? Is it simply fatigue and a reckless “I need to start over!” plea? Boredom? Hunger? Ennui?

Her curiously bewildered fans turn to each other and screw up their faces in deep  concentration. They start to describe their Oprah moments; one by one they recount their favorite guests, topics, clothes and the stupendous giveaways that dazzled audiences through the years.

“To OWN,” one of elders among them finally says. “Right,” another chimes in, “To OWN.”

“O. W. N?”

“Oprah Winfrey Network.” The chorus murmurs in reply.

“AAARG! You have GOT to be effing kiddin’ me!”

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