A Puppy Chow Night

The Westminster Dog Show is packing ’em in to Madison Square Garden tonight for the Best of Show finale. Counting this year’s 2500 competitors, over 300,000 dogs have taken part since the first show in 1877.

It stands as the second longest continuously held sporting event in America, right behind the Kentucky Derby. Even New York pays attention, the tower lights on the top of the Empire State Building are purple and gold, official Westminster colors.  

If your dog pines for a chance at the big time, give him a front row seat when they broadcast the finish tonight. In case you think age is a factor — the oldest Best of Show Dog was Grinchy Glee; he was 10, the youngest was Rough Collie at 9 months.

Hang this poster in his doghouse to keep him motivated for the long road ahead. A portion of the proceeds goes to support the Animal Medical Center in New York.

2 thoughts on “A Puppy Chow Night

  1. I love the dog show! And I love the women who show the dogs – in their sensible poly-blend suits with SAS brand low-heeled shoes for trotting. Don’t forget the small treat bag straped to their upper arm. Chad and I went as dog showers for Halloween one year. Nobody ‘got’ it. Guess we need to start hanging with you and Sig! Miss you!

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