Break-through Minor

I am at a significant personal break-through; I do not expect grand and spontaneous gestures on Valentine’s Day. And ever since, I am a whole lot happier. What a strange quirk to believe that love is best demonstrated when it catches me off guard.

I talk about Valentine’s Day way before it rolls around.

And I know now that repetition is directly correlated to making sure that the day will come and go with at least a modicum of celebration.

Another sign of having arrived is the part about asking for what I want.

Not that there is anything wrong with a Farberware double boiler but there are few things more satisfying than a bouquet of bright flowers and a card I can save for a while.  

(He gets a slab of mint chocolate fudge he can eat all by himself and a card with a cat on it waiting for him to come home. February 14 is just a Monday to him. )

HVD where ever you are.

(UNICEF card at left.)

2 thoughts on “Break-through Minor

  1. Grand and spontaneous gestures . . . from Sig? I’m glad you’re not holding your breath. He and I are cut from the same mold . . . don’t expect the grand, expect the consistency and reliability of love . . .

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