Too Good 2B True?

I met Adrianne in the Athletic Club in Corpus Christie when I wanted a temporary pass. In her office I found myself face to face with two framed photos of her in full white bridal regalia. In one of the photos, she was near as I could see 100 lbs heavier than in the other. 

She saw me look at the photos and said, “I didn’t get married again, the second picture is Halloween. A party. I went as a bride.”

I said, “Oh “–she interrupted and flailed her hands in the air, “I just have to tell people I didn’t get married again. I have only been married one time.” Well, I had not been thinking one whit about her wedding backstory. I was actually thinking, wow — this club sure has been good to you!   

So anyway we chat, as you do with someone who is trying to sell you something and you stay cordial ’cause you want the best price. It’s this and that. I’m staying in Port Aransas. Blah, blah. blah. Oh, yeah there is a great candy store there. I tune back in.

“It is so good they just call it Good.”


“You take one bite.” Adrienne pretended to eat.  “And after you eat it,” here she looks up at the ceiling, “all you can say is that was so Good.” She closes her eyes and shakes her head with a look of satisfaction.

Well what else could I do? It’s  a place called Winton’sGood is caramel nut made fresh daily with whipped cream and butter and sold by the 1/2 pound.  It’s so smooth it won’t stick to your teeth. Oh yeah, did I mention — they ship to your door.

8 thoughts on “Too Good 2B True?

    1. Geez, Stevie, you sound like a commercial . . . a sneaky one! Sounds yummy, especially when we’re all eating like a bear ready to hibernate. Gimme food, preferably sugar!!!!

    2. Yeah, having a great time in spite of getting in a wreck this afternoon and probably totally the truck. Good thing is we have a rental, and can get home regardless. I think you will think this caramel needs a little salt. But it is verrry good. Or is that Good?

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