Very large but short

A liquor distributor’s truck is pulled up outside a restaurant and the ad on the side says,  

If you are not completely satisfied. Send it back.

We’ll drink it.

Ha, ha. That shows panache, I thought. Later I decide to check out Jim Beam’s web site and see what they had going on for classic cocktails. Interestingly enough I had to put in  my birthdate before I could enter the site. What exactly is that all about?  

“Well, your honor — the birthdate she entered said she was well past the legal drinking age. We submit she alone is responsible for her actions.” Or maybe it’s a self-monitoring thing. “Oh, here I am at a web site that requires my birth date. I could lie — but then, how could I live with myself?”

A third thought, “Hey Gordy, this has just the look we are going for, socially conscious, highly responsible, a business that Cares. You got those birth dates on auto delete?”

Oh sure, there are a lot more redeeming things to write about –but wait, try this for your next cocktail party. (Don’t worry, I used my birth date.)

Jim Beam Black on the Rocks: Put a lot of ice in a, preferably, very large but short glass, then pour in 1 – 2 parts Jim Beam Black to cover some of the ice.

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