Listen Up.

Inspired by the Jimmy Dean sausage commercials where the rather fruity Sun guy chides his colleagues for falling down on the job and then saves them all by passing a round of egg’n sausage sandwiches, I’ve decided to exercise an option over the universe. Ta da…

Let’s beef up the color scheme for rainbows. From the ordinaire — Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet, to the extraordinaire — Scarlet, Bittersweet, Canary, Emerald, Cornflower, Eggplant, and Lavender.

Well, while we are at it, how ’bout if the “Red, White and Blue” is now “Crimson, Alabaster and Navy?”

“Black and White” is now “Raven and Snowflake.” Green, Yellow and Red traffic lights are  now Snow-Pea, Lemon and Cherry.

“Black and Blue?” No, “Sable and Ultramarine.”

Going for a black belt? Let’s call it Ebony. And in between — there’s Ivory, Citron, Carrot, Pistachio, Alice Blue, and Cocoa.

I feel better already, don’t you?  Pass me a sandwich, willya?

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