It is so over.

Sometimes holidays are just so reluctant to leave the house. It’s as if they believe that they just got their last invitation. Used to be there was good reason. 

When I was a fan of post holiday sales even my favorite things could easily be usurped in one fell swoop at a good clearance sale.  But, most times their fears are unfounded.

Inventory is always real spotty a week into January. Who needs or wants a flock of Precious Moments Angel Babies with their basset hound teardrop eyes?

Besides I hear the Precious Moments market has really tanked. The kitschy figurines complete with inspirational messages and Christian themes are the brainchild of Samuel Butcher, an artist and business man. They were first produced in the seventies, as an outsourced operation in Asia. 

Carthage, Missouri is the state-side home of Precious Moments Inc. where founder Butcher (and sons) have created a complex centered around an homage to the Sistine Chapel albeit with dead baby angels illustrating the Biblical high points.

In its hey day, Precious Moments Park attracted 400,000+ visitors. Attendance is half that now. Wisely PMI has shut down the Fountain of Angels, Wedding Island, the RV park and Super Sam’s Restaurant to concentrate on core operations — a Huge gift shop and of course the replica of the Sistine Chapel which continues to strike most visitors speechless.

Butcher reportedly lives in the Philippines where he runs a small foundation and a big resort complete with a Precious Moments gift shop.  Wonder if he still has his decorations up?

2 thoughts on “It is so over.

  1. Like the new look!! ….and you mean my PM Collection is tanking !#@* .. there goes my retirement condo . Well I’ll just make a shooting gallery out of them and charge $20 a pop (only kidding) … I really want to create a line called “Nasty Seconds”.

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