Pets usually die before you do. 

It’s something most pet owners come to know, understand and accept to be true.  And when it happens, it can simply bring you to your knees. My nephew Casey’s dog, Cody, was hit by a car and died not long ago. 

Cody wasn’t a puppy but he wasn’t an old dog either.  He was well-mannered and bright, played well with others and was eager and enthusiastic about his dog’s life.  He had been Casey’s dog before he bought his first house, before he married Miranda, before he had two kids and another on the way, maybe even before Casey knew how hard it was to lose a pet.

The whole family memorialized Cody on Facebook with a rush of photo downloads. Here’s one that shows his best side. For some reason his one ear grew straight while the other flopped forward. That’s one of the things that made him one of a kind. 

7 thoughts on “Dog-Gone

  1. Yes, such a nice tribute for Cody and Casey as well. Even me, who really didin’t know him well, has been thinking of him so much and how much he will be missed.

  2. Geez, Stevie, this is so nice! I forwarded it to Casey and called him to read it, because knowing people care is what heals you. Thank you for doing that for him, and us!

  3. Thanks Stevie! The picture is Cody’s spot ever since he was a tiny puppy – under the nook of the computer desk, no matter which desk it was or which room it was in.

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