Once Upon a Time

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 was the 21 week sonogram reveal; the information was written on a piece of paper, folded and passed to them. They took the slip of paper to a bakery; and, passed it, still folded, to the baker.

Hours later, one of them went back to the bakery and picked up a white cake box with the lid taped shut. The cake box was escorted home and placed on the buffet.

It was a normal Tuesday evening in all other respects. Taco Tuesday is already a tradition for the couple, a boost on the way to hump day and beyond for whomever is around.  Everyone helps themselves to plates of food and serves as their own bartenders. 

A  flip cam picked up the action around 8:00 when the mood changed from casual taco dinner to Big Deal Event.  Someone had cleared the table. Someone had filled the glasses and someone had put the cake box in the middle of the table. Then someone asked the parents for predictions. One thought a girl, the other held out for the possibility of a boy.  

“On three .”

“One, two, Three!”

As they all leaned in to read the message on the cake a spontaneous chorus broke out,  “It’s a boy.”  The camera caught a lot of the surprise, delight and joy that all of a sudden crowded right up to the table.  Not long after, the news made its way through cyber-space and was met with cheers and good will throughout the land.

“And that, Liam — is why we have tacos every Tuesday.”

5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. This reads like a script for how I met your Mother!!! I want to hit repeat and see it again! Nice!! better save a copy for the Baby Book!!!

  2. Absolutely – this is definitely going in the baby book. It was an exciting night – we’re so glad we could share it with so many. I think everyone should find out this way.

  3. I definitley have passed this idea on to someone else I know. Congratulations on little Liam coming. Such a fun idea and described to a T by Stevie.

  4. Oh! what a beautiful story, Stevie. Even though I did not really know what or who it was about, if I had been given a test, I would have passed (verified by Joyce). And the humor at the end was the icing on the cake, so to speak. I look forward to more.

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