I really like Wendy’s chili. The small version is cheap, filling and tastes good. Add a couple of packets of good old-fashioned saltines and you have meal that nurtures your soul. With that peak experience in mind, I headed to Wendy”s yesterday after spending several hours at the  DIY Bubble Up car wash. 

The car wash was nearly an excuse to spend the warm and sunny day outside.  But a clean car, inside and out, is also a tonic.  Looking its best, my car seems happy and content and its mood usually rubs off on me. 

After I vacuumed, shook out the car mats and cleaned the glove box, I drove it into the bay. It stood quietly as it was soaped, scrubbed and rinsed with a final spray of no-spot water.  I moved it down stream into the parking lot to join 3  or 4 others in the rhythm of dry, buff and polish.  All was right with the world as I drove off with an open sun roof.

It only took  a few minutes to get my order of chili and crackers at the drive-through; I parked the car facing the sidewalk to watch the pedestrian parade.  I took the lid off of the chili. It was really hot so I reached over the steering wheel to put it on the flat part of the dash.

The cup hit the edge of steering wheel and tipped out in a whoosh. In seconds the chili was a lava spill pooling on the floor mat. In its wake, left over beans, tomatoes and hamburger slipped in the recesses of the dashboard, steering wheel and ignition. My right pant leg was covered with chili, the radio was splashed with chili, and the quirky flower vase (standard on this model) was filled.

I ordered a frosty to salvage the day.

4 thoughts on “Chill

  1. OMG Stevie – unbelievable. I’m laughing out load but feel terribly bad. What a great story though?!?

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