Inappropriate is wearing white after Labor Day.

Inappropriate is using your salad fork to spear chunks of beef.

Inappropriate is shaving your legs on the subway.

Inappropriate is bringing along an uninvited guest to a dinner party.

Inappropriate is wearing a wedding dress to a wedding when you’re not the bride.

Inappropriate happens a lot. It’s a misstep, a faux pas, a stumbling blunder. It’s the kind of thing that pops up from being wide-eyed, inexperienced or oblivious. The typical inappropriate human is by no means a rebel with a cause and is usually morose to discover his/her gaffe.

Suggesting that the former Navy Seal and current Missouri Governor Greitens has been inappropriate needs to stop.

prohibition sign

The MeToo movement has shown that more women than ever imagined have experienced bullying, coercion, physical and sexual assault. Calling violence against women inappropriate behavior is a serious misnomer.

Let’s try shameful, shocking, disgraceful, slanderous, base, egregious, unprincipled, or dishonorable. After-all, Greitens — you’re no Gomer Pyle, US Marine.