Back in it.

Whew. What a breather. My last blog post was February, 2014.

I could report that I became an expert in tai chi, read War and Peace, organized a non-profit to take care of recently retired giraffes and invented a way to wash windows without getting out of bed.

But no.

Biggest thing that happened. We decided to downsize. Found a condo overlooking the lawn of the Nelson Art Museum, negotiated with the displaced New York fashion maven who lived there, had our house re-roofed, the chimney shored up and a garage door opener installed. Sold our house to a young couple who wanted to be close to public transportation and were a hit at the neighborhood block party.

Updated the condo, tore out the wall between the kitchen and dining area, all new stainless steel appliances, carpeted the bedrooms, finished the parquet floors and chose 6 different paint colors that were truly harmonious. Bought extra tall outdoor chairs and added risers to them so that we could enjoy the view over our balcony railing. Began paying monthly condo dues.

Packed the house up. Essentially gave away the entire basement, the piano, a media cabinet,  a buffet, and all the assorted flotsam and jetsam that accumulates in a house where you have lived for over 35 years.

It was a Wednesday. We were closing on the new place that afternoon. The movers were coming at 8:30 the next morning. In the parking lot, we asked each other — “This is it, still want to do it?” Long pause.

We canceled the movers, called the young couple and put the condo on the market. It pretty much sold right away.  Well, why not? It was harmonious.

Life in the fast lane.006

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