Show and Tell

One of the reasons we are on the road is to pick up a van that has been converted from a empty shell to a mobile dwelling. It’s tall, long and thin –and turned out better than we expected. Check it out.


 Sprinter first look 002Sprinter first look 005

Here was our first look at the finished product, standing at back looking in, we were dazzled with it. Wrap around windows bring the outside in; the 24’ body goes on forever.

The Sprinter First Day 003The Sprinter First Day 011

At the first rest-stop, we park on the truck side and eat ham sandwiches and potato chips while looking out on a unplowed field next to an asphalt parking lot.

The Sprinter First Day 015Sprinter day 3 018

We keep checking out the features, admiring the finishes and marveling that it is ours.

Sprinter day 3 007Sprinter day 3 014

Here is one of two pull out pantries, and the cupboard that opens on both sides and stores a super duper ice chest that will keep big bottles of wine chilled.

Sprinter day 3 016Sprinter day 3 019

Right now, life is particularly good.

8 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. Stevie and Sig,
    This looks so great and pretty even! Love it. Can’t wait to see it in person. I know you’ll have lots of good times in this. What a great way to go.

    1. Hey, Hello. Yes, it is awfully pretty. It’s time for a cocktail party in it before it gets a lived in look. Going to Port Aransus the end of the week and park it on the beach. I’ll take a photo for Pablo.

    1. They are oranges. We are in Mission, Texas at our friends’ place. We’re going to take the Sprinter for its first trip to the water — we’re going over to Padre Island today for dinner on the beach. It’s about an hour and a half away. We came straight here from Austin last Friday. Bill and Lana have one of those huge rv’s but also this place they come to in the winter each year. Bill is helping us learn all that we didn’t catch in the orientation session; he’s like Chad, he either knows it or can figure it out! And Lana is helping me organize the interior with containers and baskets and stuff. It’s kinda like decorating a doll house. Very fun.

      I see that you are taking advantage of the snow — nothing like it for pics, I loved the ones earlier of the dogs on the frozen tundra in the front, it looks like the wilderness.


  2. Well, well, well…you’re a movin’ on up! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing the pics. LOTS of good times coming from this baby! Take care – and be safe! Tell L&B hi! TB

  3. Well, Stevie, what a wonderful vehicle! If you and Sig are traveling and want to see some snow, slush and ice come see me in Mason City, IA. Won’t you have fun traveling!


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