After months, I bite the bullet and buy something that promises to turn my laptop into a tv because we are buying a travel van and need something.  I go to Best Buy, ask for help finding what I’m looking for — and come home with a box the size of a cake mix.

I’m superficially confident but underneath know that I haven’t a real clue about what I am doing. I prop up the box on the dining room table and read the directions.  I carefully lay out all of the components in a line.

I plug in the tv stick and connect the antenna. I insert a CD and follow the next prompts to load. After a couple of self-explanatory clicks, I end up with a TV screen, a channel guide and a help button.

All the while, Sig is watching Pittsburgh versus Denver.

I find the same channel. I can see it over the back of his chair as I look into the living room. Wait a minute, wait a minute — mine’s in high-definition!  The football players pop out from the background like shadow cutouts. They cart-wheel, careen, bump and bounce and their uniforms really catch the light.


I think I’m gonna love being a geek.

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