Ten things I Know

1) The first thing I say in the morning sets the tone for the rest of my day.

2) I like to drink the same amount as the person with whom I’m having a conversation.

3) Learning something new is breath-taking.

4)  Kids and pets of any personality are a life bonus.

5) I miss sunshine the minute it goes away.

6) While making a list doesn’t get a job done, it is a deeply satisfying substitute.

7) Recipes with artichokes, lemon, parmesan cheese and butter are going to be good.

8) Memories of good times are fade-proof.

9) If I suddenly am the person I want to be, I might miss the person who is me.

10) Peace on earth, goodwill to men says quite enough.

About steviereynolds

One summer when I worked as a time card clerk for Younkers department store, I ran across my personnel file. I found out that my high school principal, Father Scott, said I was "phlegmatic." Forty-five years later, I still wonder whether he meant self-possessed, calm, and unruffled or torpid, sluggish and indifferent. Frankly I don't remember having much to do with Father Scott. He's dead now so I've missed the chance to see where he actually stood. But thinking about it has kept me on my toes.
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One Response to Ten things I Know

  1. Katie Lashbrook says:

    Loved it, Stevie! You are right on.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Katie Lashbrook

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