Work in Process

I spent a good part of the day scraping lime deposits from the bathroom tile in back of the toilet. All the while I worked at really staying mindful to make an unpleasant task less so.

Didn’t work much.

However,  I do have a new-found grudging respect for Lime-Away. I usually steer away from anything that suggests using gloves when applying but Sig’s mother was a big believer in the stuff and I got a nearly new bottle when we cleaned out her apartment.

Too bad she didn’t leave an almost full bottle of Maker’s Mark or something, it would have been a lot easier to stay-in-the-moment.

About steviereynolds

One summer when I worked as a time card clerk for Younkers department store, I ran across my personnel file. I found out that my high school principal, Father Scott, said I was "phlegmatic." Forty-five years later, I still wonder whether he meant self-possessed, calm, and unruffled or torpid, sluggish and indifferent. Frankly I don't remember having much to do with Father Scott. He's dead now so I've missed the chance to see where he actually stood. But thinking about it has kept me on my toes.
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