My motorized coin sorter has finally, finally come.  When I notice it sitting on the porch glider, I swoop it up, slice it open, scan instructions and start looking for batteries.

(Note to self: It is no bargain to buy a sleeve of 20 batteries at one time, unless you have a family of 5 who power up daily or your entire village is hunkering down for a ice-storm.) I go to the store to buy new batteries.

As I wheel down the aisle, I notice that big bags of little candy bars, the kind of Halloween candy that makes a house, a really good house – are on sale, 4 for a 10 spot. Such a dilemma. Here it is a week before Halloween and I’m going to actually buy candy? What the hell, I get four bags.

So the candy and the batteries – with coupons, the total comes to $11 something. Woohoo.  Still the afternoon can sour. If my new machine is a big dud, well – then, probably I’ll open at least one of the bags of the little candy bars.

I put in the batteries. I fit in the coin wrappers. I read the directions. Do 20 at a time — 500 coins for a session.  I turn it on and spill a handful of coins into its tiny bin, it gurgles and grinds and flips each one neatly into its coin wrapper. It is just so stalwart.

You gotta add it to your wish list. Though — those of you in the upper 1% may want to pass, your coin cache will tear it up .

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