Stranger in a Strange Land

Let’s see, we have Delicate Pearl,  Fuzzy Sheep and Pickling Spice. And then there’s Safari, Pine Cone, Light Sage. Hmmm.

Over here is Light Incense. Dark Linen. Alpine White. Dill Pickle. Dried Plantain. Pale Sea Mist. Polished Pearl. Dill.

Shiny Silk.
Ballet White.
Pillar White.

Alrighty. Here’s Aged Parchment. Polar White. Bagel. Princess Ivory. Sand Dollar White. Chai Latte. Orange Glow.
Kansas Grain.
Warm Cocoon.
And something called Serengeti Sand?

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, I think you can. I need paint. Point me in the direction of green, white and yellow, would you?”

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