Fast, Faster, Fastest

If I want to rev’ up and get a bunch of things done around the house, I put on a house-party music mix and crank up the volume. Admit it, so do you. One of my new favorites,, makes it really easy to find new tunes.

(I know, I know. The name is an instant put-off. I don’t jog, either.)

But this site is for anyone who wants to find music to help keep up or ramp up any kind of exercise, like cleaning or gardening, or walking or dancing in the kitchen.

Sign in and add the name of a favorite song/artist that motivates you to move; the site automatically figures the beats per minute of the selection, say –100 beats. It’s easy to find new music to maintain that pace: select 100 beats, scroll down, preview and choose songs for your brand new playlist. One click will send you and your playlist to Itunes if you want to buy on the spot.

Up the challenge for yourself by choosing faster paced music. What a painless way to find new music to love. And let’s face it, something about exercise should be painless.

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