Missed it

I had such celebration aspirations. But then it crept up on me and it was over. I rolled over 10,000 hits a while ago without so much as a murmur. It deserved more. I imagesCAM8OT8Iam thrilled that readers are looking over my shoulder, checking once or twice to see what’s on.

The discipline of blogging regularly is formidable. Especially since discipline is not to be found listed in the strengths section of my up-dated resume. So I was particularly poised for this event. Not to say that I was going to issue invitations or serve up tapas, but  surely, make a note.

Here then, thanks for dropping by, it’s awful nice to be red  read.

(Image from www.free-extras.com)

6 thoughts on “Missed it

  1. Congratulations! on the milestone! I admire your discipline — and love the daily contact with you. I always look forward to reading your blog. It brightens my day. This is my first blog post ever.

  2. Congratulations on this milestone! I LOVE your blogs and look forward to seeing new ones.
    As I have always said, you are charming, witty and I love your curiosity, determination, style and your view of things. Don’t stop, I look forward to your point of view.

  3. I’m here to help you get to your next level. Love reading your blog to hear what you’re thinking about and doing…..from your sister in Seattle. 🙂

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