Only 24 Days Away

So lucky you. An invitation to a Halloween party, costumes and all. But you’d  better get started now, or you’ll end up running all over town picking over costume dregs. Or worse, you’ll start rifling through your closet to dress up as a gypsy, a hippie or a biker chick. And let’s face it – those ideas are pretty lame no matter who’s throwing the party.

Save money by doing something clever and witty with just a few props. You could dress as a famous character or make a common saying come to life. Act out Think outside the box with a body-size box and a thinking cap. Make a sandwich board from foam core and let them read the Handwriting on the wall. If you are really desperate, trace your palm on paper and tape it on your cheek, for a Slap in the face.elephant family

Now here is a group that put in an all-out family effort for the holiday. All they used were grey and white felt, batting and a glue gun. If you duplicate this great look for say, a fun political fund-raiser, be sure to take care to line up the eye holes to prevent any injury.

(Image from Awkward Family Photos)

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