Location, Location

Put your name on a waiting list and you never know what will  happen. But that’s  how I ended up in a box seat on opening night for Turandot, the Lyric Opera’s first performance, at the new Kauffman performing arts center in Kansas City

I was greeted by a server holding a tray of champagne — and guided into a door that opened to a spacious area with 4 chairs angled toward an enclosed balcony overlooking the orchestra.

I settled in close to the railing so that I could put my champagne glass on the ledge. I looked to the left. Close enough to talk to were theatre-goers in rows just outside my box seat.  I caught people looking over to where I sat and  imagined them wondering how much my seat had cost.

Here Turandot (Lise Lindstrom) gazes up to check out my box seat.

I casually sipped my champagne as if I did not know that ushers had insisted that the others  leave their unfinished drinks in the lobby bar.  The server brought in a menu announcing an order of seasoned nuts, fresh fruit and a modest cheese tray for two could be delivered immediately for 45.00. I waved her away, saying that I had already had dinner.

The lights dimmed. I took off my shoes and pulled back in the chair. The opera? Oh, it was amazing. But not nearly as good as my box seat.

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